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Ratings & Reviews

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Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
Website Review


(24 ratings)

Rated: January 2012- When visiting the KrisFlyer website, the first thing you'll notice is a box with images that rotate every few seconds. The images feature travelers relaxing on the beach, sighsteeing and enjoying their travels, inspiring members to redeem their miles. Visitors to the site can click a pause button that will stop the images from rotating, a nice option if you (like us) don't like constantly changing visuals.

Instead of placing a standing menu at the top of the page, KrisFlyer has a hidden menu that appears when you click the PPS Club/KrisFlyer menu tab. The same menu is located at the bottom of the page. A link to recent news and announcements and a brief description of the KrisFlyer program is located in the middle of the page, next to a brief introduction to the program. Below that are links to log in to your account, learn about the latest promotions, subscribe to the member e-newsletter and search for award flights.

The menu is full with links to 30 aspects of the program organized under eight main topics. It's a bit overwhelming for a menu to have so many items, but visitors can easily find a direct link to the information they are looking for and don't have to go through intermediate pages. For example, if you want to know how to redeem miles for flights on partner airlines, you can find a link to Partner airlines listed under Redeem miles and go directly to that web page. A useful menu item we don't normally see included is a link to Service Fees. Airlines don't like to advertise the miscellaneous fees they charge and this information isn't always easy to find, but KrisFlyer has a direct link to a fee chart.

A Member Login box is located at the top left of the page along with a small Join now link where prospective members can register online.

To view the number of miles needed for an award flight, members can enter their route in a mileage calculator. Downloadable pdf award charts are also available. Online award redemption is encouraged and members can save 15 percent of the miles required by making reservations online. Members can redeem for flights on Singapore Airlines online and you must log in to your account to search for awards. To redeem for partner flights, you can call Membership Services or fax a request form.

Links to the FAQ and Terms & Conditions are located at the very bottom of the page. The FAQ contains answers to 29 questions and you can enter specific terms into a search box to help narrow down your search.

A direct link to Promotions is listed in the menu and you can quickly access all of the current promotions. Members can also subscribe to a bi-monthly KrisFlyer newsletter to stay informed about the program.

The KrisFlyer website has everything that you expect from a frequent flyer website. While we didn't like the hidden menu at first, it turned out to be an efficient tool to navigate through the site.



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