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Ratings & Reviews

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Sun Country Ufly Rewards
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: October 2012- You don't expect an airline called Sun Country Airlines to be based in Minnesota, but Sun Country flies to many sunny vacation destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico from its hub in Minneapolis. The airline's signature colors, orange, blue and white, are used throughout the site, punctuated by images of palm trees, sunsets and other beach scenes.

The ufly rewards frequent flyer program, similar to the airline, is limited in scope. The earning structure is fully laid out on the ufly rewards home page so members and prospective members are informed immediately about how the program works. The site displays a brief introduction and then wastes no time in presenting a full earning chart. Members primarily earn points when flying Sun Country or booking a vacation package or cruise, but the airline has a handful of partners, such as Netflix and Hertz, which can be found by clicking the word partners, highlighted in blue text, in the Earning Points section.

Members can also find basic information about redeeming points on the home page and read that award travel starts at 100 points, but to view all of the award options, you can visit the Redeeming Points section from the dropdown menu listed under the UFLY REWARDS tab on the main menu at the top of the page.

The award chart displays the six options when redeeming points for award flights on Sun Country and also fully discloses the total amount of taxes and fees that are required. The fees to make changes to an award ticket and other fine print for awards are listed in a long paragraph under Award Travel Details. While all the information is there, it's hard to read without headings or subheads or any sort of organization.

Registration is quick and the enrollment page fills one page. The Subscribe to E-mail Offers/Promotions box is already checked for you but you can choose not to subscribe by unchecking the box if you don't want to receive offers from the airline, ufly rewards program and partners. You also need to select a four-digit PIN as your password.

There is a link to the FAQ list from the dropdown menu that provides answers to 16 of the most commonly asked questions. At the bottom of the FAQ page is a link to the Terms & Conditions (T&C), which can also be accessed from the dropdown menu. The T&C again explains how to earn points and what the award options are and provides additional details about the program. Information is divided into sections to help members find what they are looking for.

Members can redeem points online after logging into their ufly rewards account. Check the "Book UFly Rewards Ticket" box when searching for flights to pay for your travel with points from the main Sun Country Airlines home page.

The ufly rewards program website is straightforward and for the most part, user friendly, which is good for members who are ready to thaw out at a beach during those ice-packed Minnesota winters.


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