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Ratings & Reviews

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Traveller's Inn Hotels & Resorts StayMiles
Website Review


(0 ratings)

Rated: April 2009- Traveller's Inn StayMiles has one of the simplest sites we've seen, with hardly any "extra features" and quite frankly, not many standard features. The layout is elementary, with a few graphics and information that is not organized into links. If we were guessing, we'd say the site was built by an amateur. For example, the back and forward buttons on your Web browser are the primary way to navigate between pages--and clicking the prominent StayMiles logo gets you nowhere--it's not a live link to the home page as one would expect.

Another rather foreboding indication that things are not quite right with this Web site is the following text on the "What's New" page: "Traveller's Inn Hotels & Resorts is excited to announce a number of new enhancements to the StayMiles guest loyalty rewards program for 2007!" Time warp, and never a good sign for a Web site when it's this obvious that it has not been updated in years. Makes you wonder if anyone is out there.

The home page does have some charm with a quaint photo of a woman peacefully sleeping in a Traveller's Inn bed accompanied by a link where visitors can discover more about the program and another link where they can enroll in the program. And we take heart that perhaps there really is someone out there when we notice that the main customer service phone number can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen. With quite a few Web sites, a customer service number is difficult to find, so this is a welcome sight. Enrolling in the program, although quick and relatively painless, has its own intrigue as well. There are no drop-down menus when choosing a state of residence, or a birth date; you must key in all information. One of the perks of the enrollment process is the option to choose what kind of traveler you are. For example, you can check the box next to Golf Packages, Spa Getaways, Corporate Programs and many more--we're assuming to allow StayMiles to contact you based on your interests.

Once you've enrolled in the program, you are then instructed to expect an email within three days with your membership number--we haven't seen a Web site that non-interactive in quite awhile. As a member you have access to only three links in a menu bar at the top of the page including About the Program, Rewards and Your Profile. Clicking About the Program will take you to a generic description of the loyalty program.

One feature on the site is the ability to book awards, including partner awards, online. However, booking the award does not necessarily mean your reservation is confirmed as a StayMiles staff member still needs to process the request, which takes up to three days. The Account History section is a three column chart listing all account activity by date, event and whether the member or a Traveller's Inn employee is responsible for the activity.

Overall, Traveller's Inn StayMiles is a small program with a small, bare bones site. Visitors to the site will no doubt have questions that cannot be answered but that can be answered by the, you guessed it, small, yet friendly, support staff. So, we suggest you save yourself some time by bypassing the Web site and picking up the phone.


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