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Ratings & Reviews

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US Airways Dividend Miles
Website Review


(120 ratings)

Rated: July 2012- In general, U.S.-based airlines have been slow to add online award booking for partner airlines, but US Airways is stuck at the gate. Dividend Miles members can search for and redeem miles for US Airways award flights only online. Partner airlines' award inventory, including Star Alliance carriers, cannot be found online.

The award booking tool has a calendar view displaying awards for a month at a time and showing the lowest mileage amount for each day. US Airways has a handful of blackout dates for award travel and these are indicated on the calendar. US Airways also charges an award processing fee, even if you book online, that is based on the destination: $25 per person for tickets within the U.S. and Canada, $35 for tickets to Mexico and the Caribbean and $50 for all other destinations. The fee is waived for Gold and higher level elites. There is a link to all of the award fees located under Use miles and Booking information and fees.

After logging in to your account, there are a number of quick links to get to information that is commonly accessed, such as request missing miles, non-air partner miles, buy miles, donate miles, book award travel and reprint your card. Missing miles for flights on US Airways and most partner flights can be requested online. You'll need to contact the partner directly for miles earned via car rentals, hotels or other non-flight partners.

There is a Toolbox section where members can update their email subscriptions, booking and flight preferences and payment methods. There is also a BeNotified section where members can choose to have alerts sent to them via email, phone or text if there are travel delays or cancellations for upcoming flights, schedule changes, gate changes, departure reminders or arrival alerts. If you opt-in to receive phone calls, you can also set the times for when you don't want to be called so you don't receive a call in the middle of the night.

There is a direct link to Mileage Specials under the Dividend Miles tab, where members can find the latest earning promotions, such as up to 40,000 bonus miles for signing up for the US Airways MasterCard.

Dividend Miles relaunched its online shopping mall, Dividend Miles StoreFront, last year and if you haven't already, you can still earn 500 bonus miles for downloading the StoreFront assistant. The online shopping mall displays featured offers for both online and in-store merchants where members can earn miles.

US Airways charges a $30 call center award ticketing fee for booking award flights within the U.S. and Canada and $40 for all other regions. If you book an award flight on any partner flight, you'll have to pay a minimum of $55 (without elite status). Other than the inability to book partner award flights online, the Dividend Miles website is functional with well-organized information.



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