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Ratings & Reviews

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Vietnam Airlines Golden Lotus Plus
Website Review


(2 ratings)

Rated: June 2009- The home page for the Golden Lotus Plus program is accessed through the main Vietnam Airlines site through the Frequent Flyer link. The page has a simple, yet colorful layout with a few bright graphics of beach scenes and links to access the program information. The five links to the main pages on the site, Our Frequent Flyer Program, Golden Lotus Plus Awards, News & Promotions, Earn/Redeem Points and Our Partners, are all accompanied by a brief explanation of the corresponding link. All five links can also be found in a standard menu bar at the top of the page. There is also a log in section on the right side of the page, along with a small "Enroll Now!" link.

The enrollment process is short, but can be confusing. For example, the application asks for a state/province before it asks for a country, so if you don't choose your country from the drop down country list first, you'll only see the default Vietnamese province list instead of the U.S. state list or other options. Furthermore, you are not asked to create your own username, which means you better keep that membership number handy at all times in case you decide to log in to the site. Unfortunately, for the two days that we were accessing the site as new members, we were not able to log in as members even though we had our membership number and password.

The member profile asks for your ID information and other basics but not specific information about your travel habits and preferences like many programs ask to facilitate matching offers with what a member prefers. This is a missed opportunity for Vietnam Airlines to customize offers for marketing purposes.

The terms and conditions and introduction to the program pages are similar in that they are simple lists of the main points and facts regarding the program. The partners page does not have links to further information on the partnerships, but is simply, once again, a list.

The Earn/Redeem Points page not only does not have a link to make online award reservations but also does not instruct members as to how they can redeem their points--that information is found when clicking "Golden Lotus Plus Awards." Members cannot redeem award flights online--you must fill out an award request form and send or visit a GLP Center to receive your tickets. The News and Promotions section includes a simple list of current promotions and special offers, including a downloadable PDF with the most recent bonus offers. There is no online mall where members can earn additional points and not a lot of functionality to the site in general.

There is a frequently asked questions section specific to Golden Lotus Plus, but the information is buried beneath a link to the FAQ pages featured only through the airline's home page.

We noticed in the News & Promotions page that Vietnam Airlines is in the process of updating their Web site, which is certainly good news for their members because as it stands now, the site is simply a glorified membership guide.


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