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Ratings & Reviews

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Frontier Airlines Early Returns
Website Review


(5 ratings)

Rated: October 2011- There's something about the home page of Frontier EarlyReturns that doesn't seem quite right. It doesn't look like a home page at all, but rather it looks like you've stumbled upon a webpage in progress. There's no central area to draw your eyes and even the name of the program is missing unless you read the fine print. The biggest draw is the Frontier logo at the top and "frequent flyers" as somewhat of a heading underneath. The biggest photo is of a golf ball, which is rather baffling meant to denote "hot offers". Sorry, but nothing seems too "hot" on this website judging by the home page.

But what do frequent flyers care about how a website looks? It's more important for it to be functional. And in that way, most of what you'll need as an EarlyReturns member is easily accessible from the home page. You can sign up or log in as a member and click on links to get miles, use your miles and how it works (along with the hot offers we already mentioned).

Once you log in, the page looks almost identical except now, you'll see your name, tier level, membership number and mileage balance. And directly underneath this information, you can click links that will take you to more detailed information about your account, and a quick way to redeem your miles as well as a link to buy miles.

The how it works link takes you to the nuts and bolts that every Frontier frequent flyer needs to know to make the most of their membership. This page has information and more links for tier levels, the membership guide and FAQs. All of these sections are very helpful and thorough although the FAQ list is not that extensive and you have to scroll down until you find the information you're looking for instead of quick links to certain topics.

And to demonstrate what you can read in their membership guide, "We're here to help"--members can get in touch with Frontier EarlyReturns via phone (with business hours listed) and an email address--and it's one of the few programs that still prominently displays their snail mail address.

The get miles section is further divided by earn with us, earn with partners, buy or transfer miles and Frontier Airlines MasterCard. All as expected, and that's a good thing. It's easy to navigate to the information you need. The hot offers page features links to member offers, partner offers and another link to entice you to sign up for the EarlyReturns credit card.

When searching for an award flight to book, you'll be shown surrounding dates available to the dates you search and the total cost, in miles and fees. If you don't like what you see there, you can click just one more button to see the price in dollars.

Although the first impression is not good, the more you get to know the site, the more you like it. It's functional, very easy to navigate and doesn't take itself too seriously. And like they mention under the how it works heading, "It's pretty basic stuff. Collect miles, and then use them!" Yes, basic indeed, but sometimes that's all you need.


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