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Ratings & Reviews

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Budget Rent a Car
Website Review


(5 ratings)

Rated: May 2014- http://www.budget.com

Budget Rent A Car has a clean although somewhat outdated site with most essential information readily accessible on the home page. If you are visiting the home page to rent a car, moving truck or to check out special offers and discounts, you will find everything you need right at your fingertips.

Budget offers a multi-level frequent renter program. Unfortunately, you will not find information about the frequent renter program displayed on the home page.

To access information about the program, you must go to the Services tab on the home page and scroll through the drop-down menu until you get to Smart Programs, then expand the Smart Programs tab to a submenu where you will find Frequent Renter Discounts. This page provides a basic explanation of the Rent More Save More program, which provides discounts to frequent renters who book reservations online at budget.com. Customers who reserve vehicles online will receive a customer ID and special discounts of 10 to 20 percent off regular budget.com rental rates for a period of one year from the date of first completed rental, as long as you reserve your next vehicle through budget.com using your customer ID.

Frequent renters who would like the convenience of faster online reservations can enroll in RapidRez, a program that will save your personal data, discount information and rental preferences, saving you time at the rental counter. RapidRez enrollment can be accomplished online from the Smart Programs tab, under Frequent Renter Reserve Faster on the submenu.

After you have completed three rentals in one calendar year, you can enroll in Fastbreak, which offers the ability to bypass lines and check-in with your drivers license at a Fastbreak counter or at a self-service monitor. A link to the online enrollment form for Fastbreak can be found on the left side of the same page as the RapidRez enrollment form. A link to an overview of all three programs can be found on the same page, on the left under Individual Accounts. Finding information and enrollment forms for Budget's loyalty programs can feel a bit like being sent on a scavenger hunt through a series of menus and submenus. Once you have a customer ID or RapidRez/Fastbreak number, signing in is quick and easy from the home page.

The rest of the website is well organized and includes everything a customer might be looking for. Finding information about special offers, discount programs such as Veterans Advantage and special offers from airline, hotel and credit card partners is easily accomplished from the home page under the Specials tab. Helpful links to moving truck rentals, eco-friendly rental cars and even Budget's car sales site can be found under the submenus of the main tabs on the home page. Contact numbers, frequently asked questions and terms of service are easily accessible from the Customer Care tab on the home page.

The Budget site is pretty much up to par when it comes to online tools, although, it would be much improved if they had a tab for their frequent renter program and links for enrollment prominently displayed on the home page.



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