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Ratings & Reviews

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Dollar Rent A Car Rent a Car
Website Review


(5 ratings)

Rated: July 2011- Visitors to the Dollar Express website are greeted with a main page that asks the question, why join Dollar Express? Visitors to the site can click links to five different answers, all of which will take you to the same page--and even then, you might have to scroll to get to the section you want to read. By setting up the main page this way, the program is presumably drawing attention to the five main benefits of the program, but it makes more sense if the main page simply stated these benefits instead of requiring visitors to click a link to another page. The fewer clicks it takes to get to where you want to go, the better.

The Dollar Express Rental Program is a free program designed to speed up the car rental process and members who join the program can enjoy quicker reservations and returns. The main navigation menu is located to the left and members can choose from 10 straightforward topics. Click Join Dollar Express to fill out an online enrollment form. You'll need to enter some required information, such as your contact information and driver's license number. You will also need to enter a valid credit card for your preferred form of payment. Optional information includes what type of optional insurance coverage you prefer, as well as up to six travel loyalty programs and your membership numbers. The online enrollment form requires more information than the average loyalty program, but the extra information means that Dollar Express members can speed through the process when renting a car.

To learn more about how to earn free rental days instead of frequent flyer miles for rentals, click Renter Rewards. Members can earn one credit for each rental day and a certificate valid for a free rental day after 16 credits. The Renter Rewards page also includes links to the terms and conditions and an FAQ list about the Renter Rewards program. Members will automatically receive a certificate for a free rental day after earning 16 credits and can enter the promotion code when making reservations online, but they will still need to bring the certificate with them when picking up their car.

There is an FAQ link on the main menu that will take you to the most frequently asked questions about Dollar Express, although all of the questions are related to the enrollment process. For any other unanswered questions you might have, there is a link to an email feedback form and the telephone number for member support. Two direct links to customer service are also listed on the main navigation menu: Feedback and Contact Us.

Other than the Dollar Express logo, there are no images on the website and there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about the site. But if you're looking for information about the program, you'll find everything you need here. The home page especially could use a redesign.



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